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TOPIC atoz
brain washing 7
Israel 4
Jews 4
Mind Control 4
Agenda 21 3
All Seeing Eye 3
Ashkanazi Jews 3
Banking 3
Brain Washing 3
Critical Break 3
Currency 3
Elite 3
Free Masons 3
Freemasonry (Membership Organization) 3
Gentiles 3
Georgia (Country) 3
Georgia (State) 3
Georgia Guidestones (Structure) 3
Goyim 3
Hebrew 3
Hegemony 3
Henry Ford 3
Hollywood (City/Town/Village) 3
Illuminati 3
Illuminati (Defunct Organization) 3
Israelite 3
Knights Templar 3
Magazines 3
Masonic 3
Media 3
Money 3
Music Industry 3
New World Order 3
News Networks 3
Order of Freemasons 3
Pentagram 3
Politics 3
Pyramid 3
Rabbinic Judaism 3
Religion 3
Rothchilds 3
Rothschild Family (Family) 3
Satanism (Religion) 3
Satanist 3
Six Sided Star 3
Slavery 3
Snake 3
Subvert 3
The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion (Book) 3
Wars 3
World Banking 3
Zionism (Political Ideology) 3
Zionist 3
@ mentioning a radio guy 2
A song for Timmy 2
Amusing myself with how the cops could have responded :) 2
Angelina Jolie taking on Isis in defense of women 2
Apologizing just because the women claimed racism 2
As a culture we don't talk enough about how women ( and gays ) are treated in the Islamic world 2
Bieber has a blackcent 2
Bieber must be masturbating alot 2
Bieber tries to sound so sensitive that I think I want to fuck him 2
Big space between your teeth idiot 2
Black women kicked out of wine tour 2
Brook Shield's stalker speaks to the press 2
By "those people" I mean the whites 2
Caitlyn Jenner potentially going to prison 2
Captain Proton 2
Checking on my grandfather 2
Did this show suck? ( no ) 2
Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the black lives matter movement 2
Femdom 2
Girl walks by the house 2
Here come the social media warriors again!! 2
Hiding behind racism 2
I always hear voices 2
I always love when they get funny in the articles 2
I don't have to do shit today 2
I don't know that word 2
I don't lie well 2
I don't look so hot today 2
I find it hard to believe that black women were being loud 2
I forgot to delete the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizz Khalifa story 2
I have a problem when the black community erroneously claims racism 2
I just want to keep singing 2
I like airport gropers? 2
I like to be the aggressor in the sack Tim 2
I looked out the window because I heard voices 2
I might have to disrobe 2
I need to shave my chest again 2
I see NOTHING here that shows racist behavior 2
I suck 2
I would have them on the show 2
I'm a traditionalist I like the word pussy 2
I'm down for most things 2
I'm so prepared 2
I'm sorry if my Bieber singing sucked 2
I'm spending the day doing what I want to do 2
I'm very level headed 2
Is this a parody 2
Jesus's friend 2
Jimmy Superfly Snuka murder story 2
Justin Beiber has a broken heart 2
K-Talk AM 630 2
Krista Brinkley 2
Last show wasn't my favorite 2
Listen to the audio instead of watching the video 2
Looking through the songs youtube is suggesting looking for an outro 2
Ludacris is a douche bag 2
Man hasn't showered for 12 years 2
Margaret Cho story sends me into wackiness for some reason 2
McGinty podcast 2
Meth is a nasty drug 2
Mike Huckabee 2
Mother gets cocaine for 18 year old daughters birthday 2
Mushrooms must be growing off his ass 2
My political views 2
NOTICE ME behavior 2
No interest in cocaine 2
Now I'm singing with Miley Cyrus 2
Old lady hugs cops 2
Oz actor discussion 2
Oz was a great show 2
Party in the USA 2
Past lives 2
Pee wee Herman shitty impression 2
Pieces of shit that stole shoes and posted it on facebook 2
Pussy gun 2
Ransomware 2
Ransomware droid app 2
Rentboy story 2
Salt Lake City 2
Sector 5 2
Sector Five Radio 2
Selfie of myself 2
Semen flinging cop gets brought up again 2
Singing baby with Justin Bieber 2
Southwick zoo 2
Stephen Colbert's first show 2
Suge Knight on Jimmy Kimmel is a non story 2
Suge Knight talking about Aids needles and Easy E 2
Talking Bieber 2
That happened on OZ 2
The Bill Burr controversy 2
Tim's not dead 2
Timmy 2
Trying to say booting busty black babes fast 2
Utah 2
What does Bieber jerk off to? 2
What if people walking by the house call the cops and say there is a man yelling gun in the pussy in that house 2
What's your favorite word for vagina? 2
When one erroneously claims racism it makes it harder to believe real claims of racism 2
Who's going to fuck this guy? 2
Why would anyone want to do meth? 2
Woman conceals weapon in her vagina 2
Yelp reviews of the wine train 2
You're not a civil rights crusader 2
abortion 2
airport gropers 2
alcohol Vs. marijuana 2
all lives matter should be the mantra 2
archaic religious barbarism 2
being loud in public 2
big government 2
bilderberg 2
blue lives matter 2
brain-washing 2
cell phone stories 2
charity not taxation 2
checking my phone 2
communicating with the dead 2
cop in Millis Ma lies 2
corporate tax cuts and raising the minimum wage 2
counsel 2
dainty? 2
demonic influence 2
doing the show with my eyes closed 2
don't read tweets while doing the show 2
education 2
empathic 2
fiscal policy 2
following dreams 2
forgetting that I was doing the show last show 2
fortune 2
fuck my phone 2
future 2
gay marriage 2
get a life 2
girl that convinced friend to kill himself 2
giving myself advice 2
has the show sucked so far? 2
he may have been on the drugs 2
house to myself 2
how I would deal with the police 2
how would I feel if I got drugs for my birthday 2
up-solid down-solid